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Employee Rewards Program

Employers today realize the importance of work-life balance for their employee.  Allowing time for family, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and promoting community involvement have become an integral part of company cultures.  Realizing that your employees need a vacation as much as they want one fits perfectly into this wellness mindset. Consider the following in support of an employee rewards program.

Employers are learning to recognize that for every $1 of vacation benefits they provide their employees, they recieve a $ 3 return in the form of improved employee morale and productivity.                                                     -Austin Business Journal

Health Benefits of Taking Vacations:    Vacations are the ultimate tool to reduce the pressures of every-day life, & eliminate STRESS. Several statistics illustrate the healthy benefits of taking a vacation.  An annual vacation can cut the risk of heart disease in men by 30% and in women by 50%

Here’s what your employees will enjoy with an employee rewards program and our Arizona business opportunities:

  • Access to hundreds of vacation packages to destinations around the world
  • 5-star vacations for 2- to 3-star prices (vacations that appeal all ages)
  • 24/7 online access for your total booking convenience
  • Takes the stress out of planning a vacation. (Booking a fully planned vacation takes about 10 minutes.)
  • Helps employees make the most of every vacation dollar
  • Includes an on-site a representative on virtually every trip.


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