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March, 2012:

Traveler’s life

One Month Before Take-off:
Passport– Your passport should be valid through the dates of your trip.
Visas- Some countries require a visa before you leave your home base, but others can grant you a tourist visa upon landing. Check your home government’s website.
Traveler’s Insurance- We recommend purchasing travel accident insurance prior to leaving. click book Travel and find out how to get the travel insurance.

Medications/Vaccinations- Refill all necessary prescriptions and check a country’s required vaccinations. Here is a link to the for more information.

One Week Before Takeoff:


A Fresh Start- Pull out those suitcases and give them some time to air out. and give it a quick wipe down after each trip. Another handy tip from: Travel and Leisure magazine,

Invest in Extra Baggies - You never know when you may need to stick a wet swimsuit into your suitcase, dirty clothes start to pile up or your shampoo bottle could explode. The quart and gallon-size Ziploc bags work wonders, but there are also high-tech plastic bags that you may want to use, which are a little more expensive.

Stand-ins- You may need to have your pet(s) fed, plants watered, mail collected or bills paid. Setting up a stand-in (neighbor, friend, family member) a month prior to departure is recommended so that they have time to accommodate your schedule with theirs.

Research Your Destination - Get a guidebook or use the information highway (aka the Internet) to help assemble a sightseeing list, schedule transportation, get the right advice on certain places or culture, and/or find out the currency needed. Credit cards are convenient, but, according to, “…traveler’s checks are a good, safe alternative

“No I Haven’t Dropped Off the Face of the Earth”- Make sure you notify family, friends or roommates where you will be travelling and provide them with the travel dates. Scan and/or copy all precious documents like the ones listed in the “One Month Before Takeoff” section. Leave copies of important documents with a trusted individual in your home country or load them up into an Internet email account. This way you will have access to them if they are lost or stolen. “It’s [also] useful to have copies [of these] in different formats (PDF, JPEG, Word, etc.) to cover a variety of eventualities”

The Packing List- According to website, “[A] packing list serves two principle purposes. First (and foremost), it’s a sort of contract you make with yourself, an agreement (and ongoing reminder) that if it’s not on your list, it shouldn’t be in your bag. The secondary function of a packing list is to help ensure that nothing important will be forgotten”

Three Days Before Takeoff:

Charge and Erase- Free up some of your camera’s memory space. This way you don’t have to buy another card. For your electronic equipment, determine what chargers, power cords, plugs (international adapters) and/or batteries will be necessary for your “precious moment”

The Joy of Packing-

A Blueprint- Place your heavier items on the bottom of your suitcase, such as shoes, rolled jeans and/or blazers. Lighter pieces go at the top, along with your cosmetics. Use an extra baggie for your undergarments so that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents don’t create a Victoria’s Secret display on the floor. Bulky items should be folded and placed in compression sacks; these bags take out unnecessary air that could take up valuable space. You can find these bags at The Container Store. Roll smaller items (yoga pants, socks) and use them to fill in air holes. Delicate pieces can be protected from wrinkles by using tissue paper and dry cleaner bags.

The Usual Suspects- Choose solid colors that can transition easily from day to night and will coordinate with other items in your wardrobe. Pack two pairs of denim jeans, since these can be dressed up or down. Men should always have one pair of khakis or dark slacks for more formal occasions. Black pants are a travel staple for women, since they go with almost everything and they don’t get as dirty as other colors. Women should take along two stylish tops for fancy parties or dinners.

One Day Before Take-off:

Relax and Check- You have efficiently walked down the path of a savvy jetsetter. In the final hours before your trip, double check your tasks and items and make sure you have all the transportation arrangement details settled before leaving. Good luck and have fun!




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Working At Home

Working Smart + Plan = Action There are so many people start their home-based business on the side- working at a full time job and taking care of a family in addition to running your part time home business. It is fun and let’s be real, sometimes it can be exhausting. Enjoy the process and run slowly because when you stumble, you just get up with a smile on your face and run again with confidence until you reach the finishing line and there are so many people cheering on you because you are stronger than they think you’re not..

Look at the big picture: Lowering your stress level is to evaluate the demands on your time. Start by listing everything on your plate, the goals you want to reach in your business and what it will take to reach them, appointments you need to make, people you need to call as well as the community activities you feel like you should be doing.

Delegate or Delete: Sometimes it can be difficult to see what we don’t have to do. Ask a mentor to go through the list with you and help you identify what could & should be handed by someone else. Also look for items that can be deleted altogether. If television consumes your valuable time, consider taking a break without interruption. Use that hour to complete tasks that only you can do.  It’s time to put the right systems in place.

Work the Systems: By putting the right systems in place you will be able to thrive during some very challenging times. Systems can included  the program, time management, tools, friends who have your back.