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January, 2012:

Traveler’s Life: APPS

Apps for smartphone that is useful when you travel around the world:

FlightTrack- does exactly what you’d expect.

WeatherBug- delivers a solid experience across a range of networks, including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Nokia, PC Magazine said

Worldmate- Rated Excellent a personal travel assistant in your pocket. Worldmate Live will manage your full itinerary, including travel arrangements and business meetings and will ensure a smooth trip by pushing alerts regarding imminent events like flight delays, said the editor’s Review,  This app also has LinkedIn travel contacts, flight schedules/statuses, local search information powered by Yelp, a tip calculator with a global tipping guide, a currency converter with exchange rate updates, maps, a five-day world
forecast, a world clock and much more.

A Traveler’s Life: There is an APPS for that

Traveler’s it would be Wise to Utilize these suggested lifesavers.  These techie-colored smart phone apps:

TRANSPORTATION: FlightTrack- does excatly waht you’d expect, showing the status of any commercial flight around the world, including graphical tracking on a world map ” Forbes magazine wrote (1). The app’s map features satellite views and weather, as well as your flight number, speed and altitude. Moving
ahead of the curve, Mobiata made the app’s world map accessible in airplane
mode. It is this small consideration that makes flying enjoyable, because now
you know how much flying you have left.

Pro Version: Offers its users push flight alerts, airport delay predictions and synced Tripit flight