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October, 2011:

Adding A Secondary Income Stream

Hello Everyone, It takes guts and vision, when it goes well, business in our industry is incredibly satisfying. When things go wrong– like the economy- we take the first hits and are often the last to recover.  Some  business are prepared for down times and can ride the wave. For others, the recent economy has been, well, depressing or worse.

Adding a Secondary Income Stream  to your business makes good practical sense in any economy. In the current economy, it may be exactly waht you need to weather the storm and stay ahead of the game.

My business has produced consistently good income, but in truth I’m more ready for retirement than my bank account is. I’ve been looking for a way to bridge the gap and accelerate my income without spending a lot of time or a ton of effort, particularly physical or management effort.

I found something smart, simple and lucrative and I’m looking for 2 or 3 sharp, open-minded colleagues who are interested in generating more income. This isn’t hugely time consuming and there’s virtually no learning curve.

I wouldn’t be posting this If I wasn’t serious and really excited about what I’ve found and want to share it with you. I know your time is valuable and I’m sure your daily calendar is booked to the max. I’m asking 16  minutes of your time and share with you this concept and It may or may not for you. You decide  if you want to integrate my concept into your business and create  some significant additional income. Absolutely  no pressure.

Either way you win. Worst case you spend 16 minutes, learn about a fascinating concept.  Best case, you see what I see and you decide to create a very lucrative income stream for your business and we’ll work together to build your bank account.

Wheher like me, you’re looking at retirement, or you want to fund kids’ college, pay the bills, travel or just get ahead of the game, I think you will find this is a really clever solution.

Are you intrigued? I’m not going to pressure you- I’m looking for colleagues who see it and get it. For me it’s worth a small investment of cash- your dinner out – and my time- sitting down face-to-face to explain how his works. If you don’t see it or it’s not right for you, that’s OK- that’s exactly what I want to find out.

Take 30 seconds to set up an appointment or shoot me an email:

Thanks for taking the time to read this through. It might just turn out to be the best few minutes you’ve invested in a while. :-)


Travel Tip to Manila Cebu Philippines


A trip to a foreign country can indeed be fun and exciting. Therefore, it is always advisable for travelers to learn more about a foreign country that they are about to visit so as to expect the unexpected and take proper precautions before making the trip there. Here are some useful travel tips that can help make your trip to thePhilippinesenjoyable and memorable.

Climate :Philippines is blessed with a tropical climate that has relatively generous amount of rainfall and gentle winds.

When To Go? The best time to make a trip to thePhilippines is from the middle of December to the middle of May because that is off-season for typhoons.

January, May and December are the best months to visit thePhilippinesif colorful celebrations and fiestas are on your list of ‘purpose for making the trip’. If your itinerary includes visits to the rice terraces inNorth Luzon, the best time to do this would be in March and April as the weather is pleasantly warm. Apart from that, these warm summer months are also ideal for island hopping.

What To Bring? The golden rule of traveling is to bring as little of your belongings as possible. Fortunately, most of the things that you might require are easily available upon arrival in thePhilippines.

What To Wear? Like its wonderfully varied culture, the Country has enough climatic changes that would require a wide variety of clothing. Loose clothing that are suitable for tropical temperatures when visiting the cities ofPhilippines.

Airport Tax: Travelers are requested to pay an airport tax, when departing fromManila’sNinoyAquinoInternationalAirport. In every city tax varied.

Tipping :  Unlike most Asian countries, the culture of tipping in thePhilippines service industry is becoming more prevalent with much influence from western countries. Although, nearly all major hotels and restaurants have a policy of automatically adding a 10 percent service charge to your bills.

Cebu: is the traveler’s fantasy of a tropical island come true – balmy weather, pristine beaches, crystalline waters, and luxurious resorts with all the frills of modern living. The Cebuano’s flair for showmanship and love for celebrations is manifested in the Sinulog, a colorful festival of pageant proportion observed every third Sunday of January.Cebu is an anchor tourist destination and one of the 7,000 times more islands that make up the Philippine archipelago.


Travel Tip for India First Timer

Choose your route wisely: Think about what interests you, what you like doing.

The most popular India tour is the all-time classic Golden Triangle. Clichéd, yes, but if time is short this is a fantastic introduction to three of India’s very best destinations. Start in Delhi (Hamayun’s Tomb, Old Fort) before hitting Agra (Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri) then Jaipur (Pink City, fort at Amber). Head back to Delhi’s wonderful bazaars for a final shopping spree before you fly home.

 Slow down:  Seeing one place slowly is so much more rewarding than seeing many places in a flash. You’ll be less stressed, gain a deeper understanding of where you are and have more time to build relationships with the people you meet & learn their culture.

 Avoid the crowds:  India  has plenty of quiet retreats.Consider heading south to the backwaters of Kerala, north to Tibetan-influenced mountainous regions such as Ladakh or paying a visit to one of India’s many hill stations.

 Stay healthy: Avoid tap water, and any food that may have been washed in it, at all times. No ice, no salads and no fruit you haven’t just peeled yourself,go veggie. Many Indians are vegetarian, so there’s a fabulous choice of vegetarian food. If you do eat meat, make sure it’s well cooked. If in doubt, eat at a place that’s packed with locals.

Toilets are notoriously bad in India, Consider using the left-hand-and-water-jug method preferred by many locals (it is, after all, so much more hygienic than using dry paper), just carry soap with you so you can wash your hands properly afterwards.

 Keep cool: India is renowned for its touts and scams.  There are various ways you can reduce the chances of being overcharged or just plain cheated (see scams in India), but there’s no way you can avoid them altogether, so the single most important piece of advice for any India first-timer is to try to remain calm, no matter what. Frustrations boil over easily in India, and being able to control them, take a deep breath and move on, is key to enjoying your overall experience.



Increase your Bottom line

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”   – Warren Buffet–

What will you do today to improve your business tomorrow? By investing 18 minutes of your time you will learn how to increase your bottom line and reap the benefits of employee retention productivity and decreased absenteeism. Let us help you and show you exactly how does it work and help your employee more productive & creative. We have an employee benefit program that is really helpful & help them smile.  :-)

Start Small and Simply

When you begin to be rate yourself, pretend you’re someone else;  someone you really care about (!) and talk to you the way you’d talk to them.  Praise yourself.  Find what’s good about you and take note of it.  Be your own best friend.  It might sound corny, but it works.  Love yourself and you become more loveable.  Your life improves and you have more to give and more to get.  The crazy thing is that it utterly and completely changes the quality of your life.

When you start to pick up the phone and doubt that anyone would want to hear from you, instead tell yourself that you have something of  tremendous value to offer  and wonder about whose life will change for the better because they’ve encountered you.  When you start the spin about whether you’re good enough to earn big paychecks, remember the good things about you and choose differently.  When you start to compare yourself to everyone else who seems to be way better and more capable than you are, remember that they got where they are by overcoming their fears and doubts.  That’s your work too.

You see people who live in the same town, doing the same business and some get rich while others just get by.  What’s the difference?  Is it luck?  Chance?  No.  It’s how they think, what they expect.  That’s what changes everything.

Unique business opportunity

This is a unique business opportunity that can make you significant additional income with just a couple of hours a week, alongside what you are currently doing.

IF WORKING FULL TIME ALREADY:  Then great! You are just the kind of person we are looking for: hardworking and driven.  The most successful people are already employed and then earn additional income on the side with just a couple hours a week. Plus it’s fun and exciting!

India is a beautiful Country

India is the most traveled destinations in the entire Asia. This beautiful
country is adorned with astounding beauty which truly are awesome and worth to
explore.  India is thus very diverse country which is speckled with amazing
astounding attractions and fantabulous destination which easily attracts the all
sort of visitors in the country. This country is blessed heavenly by the nature
which easily allures the honeymooners for their ideal honeymoon. The rich heritage, lingual culture, colorful festivals, fascinating lifestyle of the locals and the warm hospitability
easily tempts the honeymooners to visit this country again and again.
India is one of the most beautiful destinations which is easily attracts
couples for their romantic and fantastic honeymoon. This beautiful country
offers the honeymooners a wonderful blend of rustic ambiance with the world
class modern cities and amenities. If you do want to enjoy a real time of life
then visit India and explore some charming destination which offers you the best
start for your second inning of life that is marriage life.

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Work At Home Business

Building a successful home business will take work.

I believe it is possible to be successful in any home business  you maybe in. Yes  it will take work, determination and effort on your part. It also helps when you have a committed business partner who is willing to help you grow and learn as a business owner.
There are many different aspects building a home business and  I will focus on the aspects which I feel matter the most. These are the aspects which will help you build a solid foundation for your home business.
There is no such thing as get rich quick.  If you are  committed  building a home business, you can and will be successful. Five to ten years you will retired  have fun spending time with your family. :-)  A quality time is matter most :-)





Travel Around the World

I have got to tell you about my trip to Cancun last October.  I had to get my first passport for the trip since I have never traveled outside the US. (When I was a kid we went to Canada but all we needed were birth certificates)!  My girlfriend and I went for five days on an All-Inclusive resort vacation and boy did we get our money’s worth!  Imagine a room that included a garden tub the size of my whole bathroom at home.

Of course we didn’t spend hardly any time in the room.  Besides the ocean there were six swimming pools and eight restaurants. We picked a different nationality every meal.  They had a beautiful gym with a wall of windows facing the ocean but, really, who wants to work-out on vacation? Most of the time I was in the pool lounging in the shallow end (chaise lounge in the pool in one foot of water).

Then swimming up to the bar for a mimosa.  I hate to admit that I started drinking them with breakfast.  We even got a chance to snorkel and parasail!  I thought I was a pretty strong swimming but  the ocean current was even stronger and really wore me out.  The fish and coral weren’t as colorful as I had hoped but the parasailing experience was a blast!  At night there were live bands and dancing.

My girlfriend even got to sing karaoke.  The whole trip was a wonderful experience. If you ever get a chance to go I recommend All- Inclusive. It’s awesome.

By: Nancy C