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September, 2011:

Work At Home Business

This is the first website I ever seen in my  life, I never seen this like before.  I have learned most of what I know about home based  business, Internet marketing, making money online, Work At Home Office  and put me in contact with many people whom I now call friends.

As you can  see, the niches it covers are  Home Business Travel, Home based Business, Work at Home Business, Make Money Online, and related niches. These are very competitive and there’s a potential of earning some extra income it’s depends of our desire how eagerly we want to work and succeed.

The key to success in business:  finding out the product that just started (concentration) before hitting the momentum and stability you are   pioneering part of it. Timing is everything.

Cruise Miami, Bahamas

Cruise: Another really fun way to travel is to CRUISE!  My husband and I got married on a cruise ship out of Miami. We had to get married in port because on international water it wouldn’t have been legal.

We spent three days cruising the Bahamas with one day on the ship line’s private island. Shopping on the big island and snorkerling were the main touristy things we did but being on board ship was heaven too. Can you see unlimited food 24/7? and the best quality I can ever remember eating.

The swimming pool on the ship and they had movie theatre and even a bowling alley. Didn’t take time for any of those though. All this reminiscing makes me think it’s time for another cruise!  by: Nancy C

China Culture Center

China culture center:  runs boat tours from April through October, and the route runs from Beijing Exhibition Center  up to the Summer Palace.

Bicycle  is an indispensable alternative, and still the best way to absorb the rhythm of the city. Transportation system grows by the day yet is alwayas on the verge of being overwhelmed. The capital is is vast, and subway stations are rarely close to your destination, so when you exit, look for three-wheeled-motorbike drivers who can carry you the rest of the way for five or ten yuan.

Lodging: Beijing has a glut of charming and traditional or brash and luxurious places to stay.  On the ultra-modern side is the reigning queen of serene chic, the Opposite house, a low-rise green grass cube in the center of Sanlitun, Grand hyatt, The peninsula, The Regent.

Dining: Today Beijing, which draws migrants from across the country, is the single best place in China to sample regional cuisines. Only a few things in China are venerable enough to have resisted the official rebranding from Peking to beijing , and Peking duck is one of them.

Shopping: Beijing has a plea market to rival the best: Panjiayuan on the east side of the third ring road. Bargain hard but with a smile, and expect to get prices down by half to two-thirds the asking price.

Culture: For the ultimate imperial experience, the Forbidden City is a required stop, but go early in themorning to avoid the crowds and consider gettingthe audio headset. Skip the drum tower.

Behind Beijing’s Walls

There has never been a more exciting time to visit China’s Capital.  Here’s what not to miss.

By Tradition, Beijing is a city of walls, sheltering its intrigues and ambitions behind a series of concentric barriers-from the Great Wall down to courtyard homes that draw sunlight only from  the gardens at their core. But those barriers are being demolished as China turns itself to the world and churns with the constant import and export of personalities and inspirations.

Because of Beijing’s sized and depth of history, you’ll need five to seven days, ideally in the fall or Spring to avoid the summer heat and the Mongolian wind.  Save time for an overnight on the edge of the countryside, and dedicate a day or two to strolling the Hutong alleyways, two experiences that will not be around in such authentic form much longer ..

Source: Conde Nast Traveler

All Things That Employers Want

“Studies show that taking time off from work can reduce the risk of heart attack by 37% in men and 50% in women..”

:-)   Taking a break from work of any kind

:-)   Improves worker performance

:-)   Improves creativity

:-)  Increase Innovation


Work/Life Balance = More Productive Workforce

Studies show that businesses from a focus on more-balanced employees.

:-)  Well rested employees are more successful.

:-) Time off increase positive mood and a sense of initiative and competence.

:-) The more leisure activities a person is involved in the higher their life satisfaction.

Travel is Just the beginning

Relive your childhood:  When was the las time you just went out to play without the worry of someone calling or interrupting you?  Real vacations let you recapture the freedom you enjoyed way back when.  You can wake up when you want, go to sleep when you want, and eat what you want.  Most importantly, you can have fun without worrying about the consequences of work back home…


Bolster your self Confidence:  Suze Orman says ” Don’t put yourself on sale.”  Though her target audience may be women, her advice applies to everyone.  When you skip vacations, you put  yourself on sale. If you have two weeks of paid vacation and don’t use them, you’re essentially working for free. If you commit to a vacation, you tell yourself (and others) that you’re important and deserve a vacation, time for yourself  :-)

Get inspired and be creative:  We live on a schedule the whole year long.  We eat at the same restaurants, we see the same people and we experince the same environments.  Is is any wonder that we’re uninspired?  How will we ever discover new ideas?  It’s time to visit a new environment, put yourself in an uncomfortable situation and allow your brain to think differently……

Become More Productive:  Scheduling two weeks of vacation a year, you make other 50 weeks more efficient.  Your scheduled vacation becomes an award.  And that means more incentive to eliminate distractions, to work more efficiently and to get things done.

You need a family vacations

You need a vacation ! If you really need someone to convince you that you and your loved ones would enjoy an exciting and relaxing vacation. Consider the following………

Vacations are credited with relieving stress and bringing about good times and happy memories with your family and kids..

You will live longer:  Men who took annual vacations reduced their risk of death by 20%. Those men  who didn’t take any vacations in five years had the highest death rate and heart disease.

You will improve your  mental health: women who took frequent vacations were less likely to become depressed, tense, or tired. Those  women who rarely took vacations  were likelier to stress at home and sleep less.

Restore your relationship: A real vacation is the ideal time to reconnect, whether it’s with a significant other, with your spouse or with the whole family…Where Sand, Sea and memories meet….