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Help a Child.. Change a Life..Change the world

We Believe… that all children, regardless of race, personal history, ability or personality, are precious and deserve the opportunity to reach their highest potential. We believe that when given an anvironment filled with compassion, love, safety, their basic needs, supportive guidance and inspiration, any child can be a positive asset to society. We believe all children hold the keys to the future of our world.
In vehemently supporting humanitarian and environmental programs that provide sustainable solutions for the welfare of children and families and the betterment of society as a whole.
In supporting emergency relief efforts and engaging the power of the human spirit to take action in a crisis, as well as to help prevent crises through supporting long-term goals for efficient initiatives.
In inspiring individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds to engage in philanthropy and voluntourism for the many emotional and physical benefits it can provide to both individual and society.
In being a collaborative and unifying organization, encouraging our impact partners to work synergistically, where appropriate, and to share resources for maximum efficiency.
In being accountable and transparent, creating confidence in our donors to participate on a long-term basisfor sustainable results

Traveler’s Life 2

Last-minute thoughts:
 Where is my gate?  “Many major hubs like Dallas/Fort Worth have smart phone apps: Download a map of your connecting airport and flight schedules for alternative routes,” says Rick Seaney, CEO of
How much time will it take to get through check-in and security? “Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Denver International provide real-time updates on their websites, refreshed every 15 to 30 minutes. Hartsfield-Jackson will even send the updates directly to your PDA or cell phone, through its Trak-a-Line program”
My savvy carry-on has?
* A utility wallet: This is a wallet or zipper case that contains only items/documents that are pertinent for check-in and security. Items could include: a driver’s license and/or passport, cash, credit card, confirmation number and/or printed boarding pass, club lounge pass/card, frequent flyer card, traveler’s insurance number and/or card, destination accommodations, and transportation information.
* Medications (as needed) and 3-ounce containers in a Ziploc bag: The TSA created an easy way to remember their liquid bottle policy, “3-1-1 for carry-ons: 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) bottle or less (by volume); one quart-sized clear, plastic zip-top bag; one bag per passenger placed in screening bin”

* Time passers: Leisure reading/work materials, an iPod (or something comparable) to tune out unnecessary airport/plane noise, and a laptop (if needed).

* Sustenance: Snacks/meals brought from home so that you don’t have to pay airport prices. Also, try to buy water from a store in the terminals so you aren’t dependent upon the flight attendants for hydration. Or, bring your own empty bottle through security and fill it up for free at the fountains.

Airports:    *Checking-In (Fast and Slow)No-Checked Bag-No Line (Fast)  If you are traveling domestically, have your boarding pass already printed, and have no bags to check. Then go straight to your airline’s check-in kiosks. Afterward, go directly to security. So easy!

First/Business/Elite Frequent Flyers (Fast)  These lines are usually shorter and quicker for two reasons: First, passengers in these classes probably spend a lot of time flying and have this routine down. Second, these check-in desks only have to help a few travelers, compared to the desks for the coach line.

In Coach (Slow to Fast) If you must have big suitcases, but you don’t have frequent flyer status and don’t want to pay for first- or business-class tickets, you might have another option. Peter Greenberg for the AARP suggests, “If you are flying domestically, ship your bags ahead of time—you’ll save yourself two hours of your life every time you travel. You can use UPS or FedEx…. For domestic shipping, it can be as little as $20 a bag for three-day advanced service”

Security with Skill and StyleStyle VIP Continues —First-class, business-class and some frequent flyer members can, in certain airports, have separate security areas as well as separate check-in desks. As mentioned earlier in this article, see if you can download a map of the airport on your smart phone (if you have one, of course) or ask airline personnel for these separate areas. Make no mistake: This security process is most likely the fastest.

Skill Stay Cool—Always maintain a calm demeanor. Even if you’re very late, don’t panic! Airport security may ask you to calm down before helping you, or, worse, they could ignore you. So, nicely let security know that you’re about to miss your plane’s boarding. They may “fast pass” you through security to reach your gate in time.

Declare Large Liquids—Let the TSA officers know that you have certain items that couldn’t be put into your checked luggage or the little zip-top bags. Why? Well, TSA’s website actually lists the allowed items as follows, “Medications, baby formula, food and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding 3 ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bags. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint”

Lines for All Kinds—Ask airport personnel where separate lines for business, families and/or people with special needs are. It’s a pretty new concept, so some airports might not have them yet, but Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport installed four extra lanes back in late 2008. Well, the “this line is short and this line is long” argument is not a good basis for judging a line’s efficiency. According to Peter Greenberg, “It doesn’t matter how long or short the line is, if you see two TSA officers watching that video monitor, I don’t care how short their line is, avoid it! Two officers means they’re probably training one of them” When training is happening, you can guarantee that bags will be checked more often.
Apparel/Personals—Wear outfits that don’t have a lot of zippers or buttons. Skip the metal belts, take out all of your pockets’ contents and put them in your carry-on. Make sure to also wear slip-on shoes to make undressing and dressing a lot faster. Keep your ID/passport and boarding pass in your hands at all times. The TSA also prefers that parents or guardians walk through metal detectors with their child outside the stroller. Remember to collapse strollers before putting your things into the bins.

Belt Order—To prevent any theft of your personal items, place them on the conveyor belt in this order: shoes, clothes, carry-on, and purse/precious items. This way you can get dressed and keep your eyes on things as they come out. Is this necessary? Well, Travel and Leisure magazine reported on this scam: “Before you walk through the metal detector… a person from behind cuts ahead of you. As he tries to walk through the metal scanner, the alarm rings and the line comes to a halt. It turns out he has ‘forgotten’ to remove his keys and loose change. Meanwhile, his accomplice has gone through ahead of you and is picking up all of your stuff…”

U.S. Customs at your fingertips —If you have the patience and a little dough to spare, get involved in the GEP (Global Entry Program). No more long U.S. Customs lines for you in America. This pilot program, managed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, allows its members to bypass traditional passport control lines, not fill out customs declaration forms, and have mutual benefits with other countries. How does this work? How do I apply? These questions and more are answered at

Delay/Cancellation of Flight Keep Busy —If your flight is delayed, relax and think of alternatives. Don’t complain to other passengers or try to start an airport mob scene with pitchforks. Life isn’t always going to operate on your watch. Depending upon how long it is delayed, read a book or go walk off your frustrations and burn calories. Remember, there are some charge stations in gate areas; work on your laptop without draining the battery.

Cancelled? If this happens, try to quickly arrange another flight, but keep terminal-hopping to a minimum; this decreases your chances of the luggage being delayed or lost. Travel Guard’s insurance has certain plans that can cover its members for the purchases of essentials and/or prescription medications, due to the luggage being lost or delayed. What if you also need to get a last-minute hotel room? Depending on the coverage, Travel Guard’s members can call a toll-free concierge phone line for step-by-step assistance with last-minute accommodations.


Working At Home

Working Smart + Plan = Action There are so many people start their home-based business on the side- working at a full time job and taking care of a family in addition to running your part time home business. It is fun and let’s be real, sometimes it can be exhausting. Enjoy the process and run slowly because when you stumble, you just get up with a smile on your face and run again with confidence until you reach the finishing line and there are so many people cheering on you because you are stronger than they think you’re not..

Look at the big picture: Lowering your stress level is to evaluate the demands on your time. Start by listing everything on your plate, the goals you want to reach in your business and what it will take to reach them, appointments you need to make, people you need to call as well as the community activities you feel like you should be doing.

Delegate or Delete: Sometimes it can be difficult to see what we don’t have to do. Ask a mentor to go through the list with you and help you identify what could & should be handed by someone else. Also look for items that can be deleted altogether. If television consumes your valuable time, consider taking a break without interruption. Use that hour to complete tasks that only you can do.  It’s time to put the right systems in place.

Work the Systems: By putting the right systems in place you will be able to thrive during some very challenging times. Systems can included  the program, time management, tools, friends who have your back.




Employee Benefits Tucson

Joining the savvy business that attract and keep happier, healthier employees is simple. Just meet with me and I will show you the program. Our product is perfect- It’s pre-planned, pre-arranged and very affordale!  For more information please contact : 520 477 9076  &

Travel / Family Vacation / Spend quality time with your Family.

As the temperature rises, the summer months scream, the kids are out of school, neighborhood pools become the place to be and ice cold drinks are calling your name. Take one quick look at what else going on..Travel / FAMILY VACATION / Spend quality time with your love ones & Family / Friends.

Making a Difference in the Lives of others: This company all about helping people changing their lives and spending quality time with their family.


Traveler’s Life: APPS

Apps for smartphone that is useful when you travel around the world:

FlightTrack- does exactly what you’d expect.

WeatherBug- delivers a solid experience across a range of networks, including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Nokia, PC Magazine said

Worldmate- Rated Excellent a personal travel assistant in your pocket. Worldmate Live will manage your full itinerary, including travel arrangements and business meetings and will ensure a smooth trip by pushing alerts regarding imminent events like flight delays, said the editor’s Review,  This app also has LinkedIn travel contacts, flight schedules/statuses, local search information powered by Yelp, a tip calculator with a global tipping guide, a currency converter with exchange rate updates, maps, a five-day world
forecast, a world clock and much more.

Two Team System

Ask yourself why you start your own business and first find what is your WHY?

We need more entrepreneurial who understand 1099 for our economic growth and  individuals taking a great  decision to start their own business and finding the great idea that already made for them the company have integrity and heart for the people.

This is a binary system, (The best analogy is like a basketball team you have team A & Team B and one coach)

And this is  sharing business and easy to understand if you are willing to put 2 to 3 hours a week with your spare time. What you need to do is make a list of the people that you love to be with hunging out.

First find your WHY?

….. Time with family

……Be debt free

……College education for children


…..Charity with your choice

If is this your Why? This company create fun, freedom, fulfillment and time with your family.

Do not put off living to next month, next year or next decade. The only time you are  ever living is in this moment.

Thank you for your time.




Adding A Secondary Income Stream

Hello Everyone, It takes guts and vision, when it goes well, business in our industry is incredibly satisfying. When things go wrong– like the economy- we take the first hits and are often the last to recover.  Some  business are prepared for down times and can ride the wave. For others, the recent economy has been, well, depressing or worse.

Adding a Secondary Income Stream  to your business makes good practical sense in any economy. In the current economy, it may be exactly waht you need to weather the storm and stay ahead of the game.

My business has produced consistently good income, but in truth I’m more ready for retirement than my bank account is. I’ve been looking for a way to bridge the gap and accelerate my income without spending a lot of time or a ton of effort, particularly physical or management effort.

I found something smart, simple and lucrative and I’m looking for 2 or 3 sharp, open-minded colleagues who are interested in generating more income. This isn’t hugely time consuming and there’s virtually no learning curve.

I wouldn’t be posting this If I wasn’t serious and really excited about what I’ve found and want to share it with you. I know your time is valuable and I’m sure your daily calendar is booked to the max. I’m asking 16  minutes of your time and share with you this concept and It may or may not for you. You decide  if you want to integrate my concept into your business and create  some significant additional income. Absolutely  no pressure.

Either way you win. Worst case you spend 16 minutes, learn about a fascinating concept.  Best case, you see what I see and you decide to create a very lucrative income stream for your business and we’ll work together to build your bank account.

Wheher like me, you’re looking at retirement, or you want to fund kids’ college, pay the bills, travel or just get ahead of the game, I think you will find this is a really clever solution.

Are you intrigued? I’m not going to pressure you- I’m looking for colleagues who see it and get it. For me it’s worth a small investment of cash- your dinner out – and my time- sitting down face-to-face to explain how his works. If you don’t see it or it’s not right for you, that’s OK- that’s exactly what I want to find out.

Take 30 seconds to set up an appointment or shoot me an email:

Thanks for taking the time to read this through. It might just turn out to be the best few minutes you’ve invested in a while. :-)


Increase your Bottom line

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”   – Warren Buffet–

What will you do today to improve your business tomorrow? By investing 18 minutes of your time you will learn how to increase your bottom line and reap the benefits of employee retention productivity and decreased absenteeism. Let us help you and show you exactly how does it work and help your employee more productive & creative. We have an employee benefit program that is really helpful & help them smile.  :-)

Start Small and Simply

When you begin to be rate yourself, pretend you’re someone else;  someone you really care about (!) and talk to you the way you’d talk to them.  Praise yourself.  Find what’s good about you and take note of it.  Be your own best friend.  It might sound corny, but it works.  Love yourself and you become more loveable.  Your life improves and you have more to give and more to get.  The crazy thing is that it utterly and completely changes the quality of your life.

When you start to pick up the phone and doubt that anyone would want to hear from you, instead tell yourself that you have something of  tremendous value to offer  and wonder about whose life will change for the better because they’ve encountered you.  When you start the spin about whether you’re good enough to earn big paychecks, remember the good things about you and choose differently.  When you start to compare yourself to everyone else who seems to be way better and more capable than you are, remember that they got where they are by overcoming their fears and doubts.  That’s your work too.

You see people who live in the same town, doing the same business and some get rich while others just get by.  What’s the difference?  Is it luck?  Chance?  No.  It’s how they think, what they expect.  That’s what changes everything.