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Stay Healthy on your Vacation.

With  Labor Day coming up, summer’s end is fast approaching. If you haven’t  taken a vacation yet this summer, make plans to get away for the holiday  weekend or make plans to take a vacation soon. Taking time away extols  multiple health benefits. The Framingham Heart Study found an  association between not taking enough vacations and a higher risk of  heart disease. Another study found that depression and tension were  higher among women who took vacations only once in two years – compared  to those who took vacations twice or more a year. They also found lower  levels of marital satisfaction.

You  don’t necessarily have to leave the country or even your own  neighborhood to reap the benefits. “Staycations” also reap positive  health benefits. Another study showed people who engaged in more leisure  activities on a regular basis had, on average, lower blood pressure,  lower cortisol levels, and smaller waists.

Often,  people feel the need to really let go during a vacation. However, there are  still ways you can make healthy choices and enjoy your time off.


Here are some tips to help you stay healthy on your next vacation:

Make sure to stretch during long flights or road trips. Sitting for long periods of time can increase your risk of developing blood clots in your legs, otherwise known as a DVT, which can travel to your lungs with deadly consequences. I stretch my legs every 2-3 hours by doing the “Hippie Stretch.”

Make a healthy menu list! Vacationing  usually means cooking less and eating out more. This puts you at risk  of packing on the pounds later. When I vacation, I keep a list of  healthy foods in my head that I love and look for them on a menu. For  me, they include any type of fish, and soups and salads with raw  vegetables – it should come as no surprise that I love  raw vegetables. I try to stay away from meals that are high in carbs or  fats – as huge pasta dishes or meals made with heavy cream sauces. One whole lobster is only 135 calories and is a good source of heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and selenium safeguards your skin from sun damage and cancer.


Choose one dessert a day! Eating in moderation applies to desserts, too! To keep your calorie  consumption in check, treat yourself to only one dessert a day. In addition,  devote yourself to other healthy food choices at your other meals.

Make sure you have all your vaccinations. If you go abroad, depending on where you travel, you may be exposed to  dangerous diseases like malaria or yellow fever. Consult information  from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to learn how to protect yourself with the right shots.

Bring your workout music! I took my workout music along for running and workout sessions. Let the scenery of your new  surroundings motivate you to go on long walks or jogs outside. Feel  free to do my 7-minute morning workout in your hotel room or outside in the park, or if you have more time, try celebrity trainer Joel Harper’s 20-minute workout.  Both require no equipment, so you can do them anywhere. It will not  only relax you, but also energize you for an entire day of sightseeing  and spending quality time with family.

Working At Home

Working Smart + Plan = Action There are so many people start their home-based business on the side- working at a full time job and taking care of a family in addition to running your part time home business. It is fun and let’s be real, sometimes it can be exhausting. Enjoy the process and run slowly because when you stumble, you just get up with a smile on your face and run again with confidence until you reach the finishing line and there are so many people cheering on you because you are stronger than they think you’re not..

Look at the big picture: Lowering your stress level is to evaluate the demands on your time. Start by listing everything on your plate, the goals you want to reach in your business and what it will take to reach them, appointments you need to make, people you need to call as well as the community activities you feel like you should be doing.

Delegate or Delete: Sometimes it can be difficult to see what we don’t have to do. Ask a mentor to go through the list with you and help you identify what could & should be handed by someone else. Also look for items that can be deleted altogether. If television consumes your valuable time, consider taking a break without interruption. Use that hour to complete tasks that only you can do.  It’s time to put the right systems in place.

Work the Systems: By putting the right systems in place you will be able to thrive during some very challenging times. Systems can included  the program, time management, tools, friends who have your back.




Employee Benefits Tucson

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Travel / Family Vacation / Spend quality time with your Family.

As the temperature rises, the summer months scream, the kids are out of school, neighborhood pools become the place to be and ice cold drinks are calling your name. Take one quick look at what else going on..Travel / FAMILY VACATION / Spend quality time with your love ones & Family / Friends.

Making a Difference in the Lives of others: This company all about helping people changing their lives and spending quality time with their family.


Traveler’s Life: APPS

Apps for smartphone that is useful when you travel around the world:

FlightTrack- does exactly what you’d expect.

WeatherBug- delivers a solid experience across a range of networks, including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Nokia, PC Magazine said

Worldmate- Rated Excellent a personal travel assistant in your pocket. Worldmate Live will manage your full itinerary, including travel arrangements and business meetings and will ensure a smooth trip by pushing alerts regarding imminent events like flight delays, said the editor’s Review,  This app also has LinkedIn travel contacts, flight schedules/statuses, local search information powered by Yelp, a tip calculator with a global tipping guide, a currency converter with exchange rate updates, maps, a five-day world
forecast, a world clock and much more.

A Traveler’s Life: There is an APPS for that

Traveler’s it would be Wise to Utilize these suggested lifesavers.  These techie-colored smart phone apps:

TRANSPORTATION: FlightTrack- does excatly waht you’d expect, showing the status of any commercial flight around the world, including graphical tracking on a world map ” Forbes magazine wrote (1). The app’s map features satellite views and weather, as well as your flight number, speed and altitude. Moving
ahead of the curve, Mobiata made the app’s world map accessible in airplane
mode. It is this small consideration that makes flying enjoyable, because now
you know how much flying you have left.

Pro Version: Offers its users push flight alerts, airport delay predictions and synced Tripit flight

Two Team System

Ask yourself why you start your own business and first find what is your WHY?

We need more entrepreneurial who understand 1099 for our economic growth and  individuals taking a great  decision to start their own business and finding the great idea that already made for them the company have integrity and heart for the people.

This is a binary system, (The best analogy is like a basketball team you have team A & Team B and one coach)

And this is  sharing business and easy to understand if you are willing to put 2 to 3 hours a week with your spare time. What you need to do is make a list of the people that you love to be with hunging out.

First find your WHY?

….. Time with family

……Be debt free

……College education for children


…..Charity with your choice

If is this your Why? This company create fun, freedom, fulfillment and time with your family.

Do not put off living to next month, next year or next decade. The only time you are  ever living is in this moment.

Thank you for your time.




Take Charge of your future

Build your on future success with your own business..

You are not alone in this business, you have the support that you needed.

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Adding A Secondary Income Stream

Hello Everyone, It takes guts and vision, when it goes well, business in our industry is incredibly satisfying. When things go wrong– like the economy- we take the first hits and are often the last to recover.  Some  business are prepared for down times and can ride the wave. For others, the recent economy has been, well, depressing or worse.

Adding a Secondary Income Stream  to your business makes good practical sense in any economy. In the current economy, it may be exactly waht you need to weather the storm and stay ahead of the game.

My business has produced consistently good income, but in truth I’m more ready for retirement than my bank account is. I’ve been looking for a way to bridge the gap and accelerate my income without spending a lot of time or a ton of effort, particularly physical or management effort.

I found something smart, simple and lucrative and I’m looking for 2 or 3 sharp, open-minded colleagues who are interested in generating more income. This isn’t hugely time consuming and there’s virtually no learning curve.

I wouldn’t be posting this If I wasn’t serious and really excited about what I’ve found and want to share it with you. I know your time is valuable and I’m sure your daily calendar is booked to the max. I’m asking 16  minutes of your time and share with you this concept and It may or may not for you. You decide  if you want to integrate my concept into your business and create  some significant additional income. Absolutely  no pressure.

Either way you win. Worst case you spend 16 minutes, learn about a fascinating concept.  Best case, you see what I see and you decide to create a very lucrative income stream for your business and we’ll work together to build your bank account.

Wheher like me, you’re looking at retirement, or you want to fund kids’ college, pay the bills, travel or just get ahead of the game, I think you will find this is a really clever solution.

Are you intrigued? I’m not going to pressure you- I’m looking for colleagues who see it and get it. For me it’s worth a small investment of cash- your dinner out – and my time- sitting down face-to-face to explain how his works. If you don’t see it or it’s not right for you, that’s OK- that’s exactly what I want to find out.

Take 30 seconds to set up an appointment or shoot me an email:

Thanks for taking the time to read this through. It might just turn out to be the best few minutes you’ve invested in a while. :-)


Increase your Bottom line

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”   – Warren Buffet–

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