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Expensify Your Travel

Smartphone app— According to David Barrett, Expensify’s founder and CEO, “Expensify has a user base of 300,000 people.

1. Sign up for the Expensify’s website.

2. Upload relevant credit card(s) information. Expensify will “associate” receipts with corresponding credit card transactions.

3. Download their mobile app (available for iPhone, Android, WebOs, BlackBerry).

4. When traveling, use the app to snap photos of cash-transaction receipts with the camera option.

5. Turn on the scanning option (only needs to be done once).

6. Just forward emailed receipts from merchants to your Expensify account.

7. Log in to your online Expensify profile to review all past uploaded receipts NOTE: Expensify charges for scans, at 20 cents per receipt, but every account begins with 10 free scans.

8. Categorize the transactions (food, gas, etc.) or add them to an expense report. All should take less than 30 minutes, because Expensify will automatically categorize future transactions if it recognizes the merchant.

9. Forward your expense report to the appropriate person or department. NOTE: To access all of the above, to the person approving your expenses must log in to Expensify’s website to approve or reject your expense reports. “Expensify integrates with several popular accounting and sales programs—QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Salesforce, and any other accounting system that can import spreadsheet files, and it connects with bank accounts to allow for direct deposits” (1).
1. Manjoo, F. (2011, May 24). Burn your receipts! Finally, an online company has brought expense reports into the 21st century. Retrieved from Slate website:

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