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Smart Traveler

Keep emergency numbers at your side: Phone numbers for your bank or credit card, in your wallet or pocket so you can call if it is lost or stolen.

Budget: Create a travel budget to prevent returning home to a scary credit card bill or empy bank account. Plan what you want to see and how much you’ll spend on souvenirs. A little planning will make it easier to stay within your budget.

Enjoy the local scene: Local events, festivals, live music shows and gallery events, take advantage of this information and make it part of your trip? You’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime, and you’re sure to come away with some rare finds.

Travel for less: Did you know that many airlines offer specials during low seasons and during off-peak hors? It’s true and you can use this information to your advantage. One way is to loo for deals that require you leaving on a Thursday and returning on a Monday. Use your savings to splurge on something fun, like a gondola ride or extra excursion.
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