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Start Small and Simply

When you begin to be rate yourself, pretend you’re someone else;  someone you really care about (!) and talk to you the way you’d talk to them.  Praise yourself.  Find what’s good about you and take note of it.  Be your own best friend.  It might sound corny, but it works.  Love yourself and you become more loveable.  Your life improves and you have more to give and more to get.  The crazy thing is that it utterly and completely changes the quality of your life.

When you start to pick up the phone and doubt that anyone would want to hear from you, instead tell yourself that you have something of  tremendous value to offer  and wonder about whose life will change for the better because they’ve encountered you.  When you start the spin about whether you’re good enough to earn big paychecks, remember the good things about you and choose differently.  When you start to compare yourself to everyone else who seems to be way better and more capable than you are, remember that they got where they are by overcoming their fears and doubts.  That’s your work too.

You see people who live in the same town, doing the same business and some get rich while others just get by.  What’s the difference?  Is it luck?  Chance?  No.  It’s how they think, what they expect.  That’s what changes everything.

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