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I have got to tell you about my trip to Cancun last October.  I had to get my first passport for the trip since I have never traveled outside the US. (When I was a kid we went to Canada but all we needed were birth certificates)!  My girlfriend and I went for five days on an All-Inclusive resort vacation and boy did we get our money’s worth!  Imagine a room that included a garden tub the size of my whole bathroom at home.

Of course we didn’t spend hardly any time in the room.  Besides the ocean there were six swimming pools and eight restaurants. We picked a different nationality every meal.  They had a beautiful gym with a wall of windows facing the ocean but, really, who wants to work-out on vacation? Most of the time I was in the pool lounging in the shallow end (chaise lounge in the pool in one foot of water).

Then swimming up to the bar for a mimosa.  I hate to admit that I started drinking them with breakfast.  We even got a chance to snorkel and parasail!  I thought I was a pretty strong swimming but  the ocean current was even stronger and really wore me out.  The fish and coral weren’t as colorful as I had hoped but the parasailing experience was a blast!  At night there were live bands and dancing.

My girlfriend even got to sing karaoke.  The whole trip was a wonderful experience. If you ever get a chance to go I recommend All- Inclusive. It’s awesome.

By: Nancy C

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