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China Culture Center

China culture center:  runs boat tours from April through October, and the route runs from Beijing Exhibition Center  up to the Summer Palace.

Bicycle  is an indispensable alternative, and still the best way to absorb the rhythm of the city. Transportation system grows by the day yet is alwayas on the verge of being overwhelmed. The capital is is vast, and subway stations are rarely close to your destination, so when you exit, look for three-wheeled-motorbike drivers who can carry you the rest of the way for five or ten yuan.

Lodging: Beijing has a glut of charming and traditional or brash and luxurious places to stay.  On the ultra-modern side is the reigning queen of serene chic, the Opposite house, a low-rise green grass cube in the center of Sanlitun, Grand hyatt, The peninsula, The Regent.

Dining: Today Beijing, which draws migrants from across the country, is the single best place in China to sample regional cuisines. Only a few things in China are venerable enough to have resisted the official rebranding from Peking to beijing , and Peking duck is one of them.

Shopping: Beijing has a plea market to rival the best: Panjiayuan on the east side of the third ring road. Bargain hard but with a smile, and expect to get prices down by half to two-thirds the asking price.

Culture: For the ultimate imperial experience, the Forbidden City is a required stop, but go early in themorning to avoid the crowds and consider gettingthe audio headset. Skip the drum tower.

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