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Travel is Just the beginning

Relive your childhood:  When was the las time you just went out to play without the worry of someone calling or interrupting you?  Real vacations let you recapture the freedom you enjoyed way back when.  You can wake up when you want, go to sleep when you want, and eat what you want.  Most importantly, you can have fun without worrying about the consequences of work back home…


Bolster your self Confidence:  Suze Orman says ” Don’t put yourself on sale.”  Though her target audience may be women, her advice applies to everyone.  When you skip vacations, you put  yourself on sale. If you have two weeks of paid vacation and don’t use them, you’re essentially working for free. If you commit to a vacation, you tell yourself (and others) that you’re important and deserve a vacation, time for yourself  :-)

Get inspired and be creative:  We live on a schedule the whole year long.  We eat at the same restaurants, we see the same people and we experince the same environments.  Is is any wonder that we’re uninspired?  How will we ever discover new ideas?  It’s time to visit a new environment, put yourself in an uncomfortable situation and allow your brain to think differently……

Become More Productive:  Scheduling two weeks of vacation a year, you make other 50 weeks more efficient.  Your scheduled vacation becomes an award.  And that means more incentive to eliminate distractions, to work more efficiently and to get things done.

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